laura (lauraangel) wrote,

life has been good. went to jessies party and saw some uga friends last night. it was a lot of fun except for parking which me and luis had a little trouble with. thank god i wasn't driving cause someone would have been dead. atlanta parking sucks. i was sooo happy to see luis, jessie, liz, lamya, katie, and especially adam morgan. havent seen him since b/f christmas. i absolutely love mikes hard lemonade cranberry lemonade drink. new fav. we made pancakes this morning and just hung out which was nice.i think i might be getting sick from all the little kids and my coworkers. but it won't stop me from going dancing tonight. yolandas only in town for a few more days. i'm super excited about our trip to gatlinburg in late july and excited about stephanie and luis's bdays coming up. other than that everything is going okay. sometimes i wish i had the balls to say what i really want to but i'm working on it. i've always had trouble saying what i wanted to but at least i'm trying and that is even hard for me. well there are my thoughts for now.
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