laura (lauraangel) wrote,

so the last week has been interesting. very interesting. my parents were out of town sunday through thursday and that was fun despite my one bad drunkin night. oh well we all have some of those don't we? alex and joy practically lived at my house which was so awesome. i love having the joy of my life here with me at all times. i just hope she doesn't "fall in love w/ me." sorry guys i couldn't resist. after that we left for california friday. it was the shortest and most tiring trip ever. i really enjoyed seeing my cousins holly and david. jennifer(the one getting married) was a little bit of a different story. i just feel like i don't really have anything in common w/ that side of the family. i really respected the saffold side after being around them. i love them and all but it's just not the same b/c me and my dad's family are SOOO close. but it was at least nice to see california even though it was only for a few days. and after being around a stressed out christie for three days its nice to be home. i love christie but she's impossible when she's stressed out. oh well back to life in georgia. oh yea sorry if you imed me anytime last week. stephanie went on coury's phone on my sn and it looked like i was signed on all weekend when i wasn't apparently. so sorry kids.

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