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HAPPY 21 BDAY LUIS!!!!!!!!!

that's right. someone in our group of uga friends can actually legally buy alcohol. woot woot. this weekend has been awesome so far. after being sick and in bed all last weekend i was really ready to go out and have some fun. thursday night me and my two original club partners(joy and that stephanie girl) in crime went to wild bills. i really liked it a lot. they didn't play too much country and there were more cute and young guys than some of the other clubs i've been to. me and stephanie had fun pretending to be lesbians. then friday night i went to see war of the worlds w/ tucker. it was really good. after that i called luis to wish him a happy bday at midnight. we were talking about how we shouldn't be home on a friday night, especially since it was his bday and we decided to be "spontaneous" so we went to club europe at 1:30 in the morning. aren't we so cray-cray. it was hilarious b/c while we were at the bar this 40 year old lady came up and hit on me. not luis but me. she asked how old i was and told me to go shake what my momma gave me. later when she saw us dancing on the floor she got all excited and said something that sounded like, "you would make a good bitch." we thought it was hilarious. besides her and some ass grabbing from random guys it was a ton of fun. the girls dancing in the cage were shaking their naked asses up against the bars and all the guys pulled out their camera phones. lol. but tonight is luis's party so that should be cool too. i'll get to see all my favorite uga friends.

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