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i have no internet!!

i realized how dependent i am on technology this week b/c we have no internet in our apartment yet. as if we don't have enough problems in our room. we didn't have a fridge for the first week b/c the racks were broken, our washer was broken, our wall was gross as hell, among other problems. but the worst thing is that we have cockroaches. i'm not just talking about a few, i mean about a million. i think they have a conspiracy to take over the world and they're starting with our apartment. my roomies are all awesome though and we've been having so much fun despite our problems. me and the boys had a few fights that involved spraying nasty ass axe all over me. it was hilarious even though that stuff smelled like shit. so far this week we have consumed too much alcohol, made about a million friends late nights at the pool, managed to get through the first day of school, learned how to kill roaches, had a few "family" dinners, and much much more that i don't need to include on here. i have a fake now, aka a license printed on photo paper but hey if it works. this has been a crazy crazy ass week.

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