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so this weekend has been cray cray. even though i didn't get to go home(sniff sniff) i'm going home next weekend. nicoles bday party was on friday night. it was...lets just say entertaining. i met some new friends which is always good. the funniest/creepiest thing happened last night. all my roommates had gone home this weekend and i heard the toilet flushing from luis and sweeleys side at like seven in the morning, and i knew that they weren't coming back until later. i started freaking out and me and travis went to check it out. i kept calling out, "luis, sweeley?" but no one answered. we looked in sweeley's room but no one was there and then we went to luis's room and i saw someone under the covers. it was this random drunk guy who had gotten into the apartment b/c i guess that the door didn't lock completely. it was so funny but i probably would have been freaked out if i had been alone. he kept saying that he was a friend of britney and some other girl that we don't know. lol it was so weird. he didn't believe me at first and i started sceaming, "get the fuck out of my apartment." that was the most entertaining part of the weekend. oh and also when ruma and lauren ordered a pizza and ran outside so no one would steal it to eat it at the pool lol. in other news laura saffold has a date on monday. imagine that. i haven't been on a date in forever it seems like. should be fun.

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