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wasting time before class

i have over an hour break in between my stat and bio labs but i know if i go home i will basically walk in the door, shove some food in my mouth, then walk out to find myself just missing the bus. lol it's the only bad part of living off campus. being crammed in with too many people on one bus with no personal room and i never get a seat, NEVER. i can't even reach the lil bar b/c i'm too short, which honestly is probably pretty amusing to watch. :) this week has overall been pretty good. lately i've been getting no sleep, but thats okay. te he he. i'm attempting to learn raquetball once again so i can have a hobby. me and travis played for almost an hour and a half i think yesterday. i some how managed to hit myself right in the face when i hit the ball against the wall. i'm excited about this weekend b/c we're all going to go to a corn maze and/or a haunted house and me and trav are going to see elizabethtown. i've been really happy and relaxed lately, which is nice for a change. school is going really well this semester. i kinda need to get a job though. oh well i'll eventually decide to stop being lazy.
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