January 1st, 2005

new years eve

new years eve was surprisingly very nice. i wasn't sure i was going to have a good time considering i didn't know too many ppl at alex's party but i had a ton of fun. we ended up going to gwinnett and staying up there. i was sad i didn't get to spend new years eve with some of my marietta friends but we might have a little party b/f everyone returns if we can arrange it in time. so we got there and it turned out that i was one of three girls. definately an interesting situation. i didn't drink at all b/f midnight but then we decided to stay after a little mix up and by then almost everyone else was pretty much wasted. it was really funny to laugh at all of them. some highlights were when a random guy we met(very unsocial) said he wanted to just go up and lay down next to tucker and sleep with her on the bed, one of the guys telling me over and over again how i was the most beautiful girl at the party and how i had wonderful music taste(when he didn't know most of the bands i liked), joy telling alex she would break up with him if anything happened to me and tucker, and tucker's first alcholic beverage! yaya tucker. i learned last night that problems should be resolved over parties and alcohol. seriously if you have a problem with someone just get drunk and talk about it, and it will be okay. well everyone have a happy new year.