January 2nd, 2005

end of the year

2004 is over now. it's kind of strange to think of how much stuff happened in the last year. i can't decide whether it was a good or bad year. i had some of the best times, but on top of that there were some bad ones to go along with it. i'm always going to remember graduation, the amazing summer, and my first semester of college. i think i've changed a lot. i don't know if it's for the better or the worse. i'm less afraid to take chances now than i was before, even though sometimes the decisions i make are not the best. i went off to a new place and a school without any of my best friends, and that was a big deal for me. i guess my resolution for 2005 is just to live the year to it's full extent. i'm only young once and i might as well make the best of it right? so here's to a new year, full of fun and excitement and no regrets.
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