January 24th, 2005

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i'm about to die of exhaustion. i've been studying with luis and jamie for hours now. not that we got that much done considering someone(being luis) kept talking. i need to keep up this whole studying and getting work done thing. i've been procrastinating majorly lately with all my homework. espcially with all the fun stuff going on. friends bdays, coming back to uga, clubbing, my bday(which by the way is coming up. buy me lots of presents). but if i'm considering a double major and want to be done in four years, i have to do it. joy's party this weekend was super fun. even though clubbing was cancelled b/c of the twenty dollar cover charge and we had to walk in the snow in our skanky clothes and freeze our asses off. it was nice to sit up and laugh and talk to close friends. i love it when i get to see my three favorite girls :) and of course those other ppl are okay too. haha. the sleeping arrangements were pretty humorous too with the cat constantly attacking my feet as i slowly feel off the side of the couch as luis moved over more. and we ate a lot of junk food. well now i need to stop rambling and go to sleep. night all.
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