February 8th, 2005

i'm going insane

ahhhh. well i think i just might have reached the point of insanity. it's official. i have sooooooo much to do in the next few days. i need to register for housing(which apparently all the spaces on campus are full. i dunno if that's true but i've heard it from a few ppl), make reservations for the florida trip, do my volunteer work, on top of my other weekly duties. stress is building up. and this weekend is my bday so i know i won't get one single productive thing done unless you consider drinking and dancing productive. i got to talk to stephanie tonight and we definately had a great talk. it's so relieving to have someone i can always talk to, always trust. it's comforting to call your best friend in the world and know they are there to give you the perfect advice. maybe there is hope in this world afterall. :)
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could today get any worse?

well housing is definately filled up and that sucks balls. so i don't have a room for next year and now we are most likely getting an apartment. but the weird thing is i went to class today and i felt a little funny. so i was just standing there waiting to go in the building and i passed out. i don't know what it is but it really freaked me out. and it was kinda embarrasing too. but hopefull everything will okay. ahhhh plus pc stress.