February 12th, 2005

a great weekend

wow i feel like so much has happened this weekened. i dunno where to even start. i've been out three nights to celebrate my bday. i went to annex twice and last call once. we also went to eat w/ our huge ass group of friends on friday night. it was so nice to have everybody together. my room got decorated twice. once by my roomie and once by jamie, luis, naomi, and elizabeth. i love my friends b/c they made my birthday AMAZING. especially last night. it was SOOOO much fun. it was also nice cause i went to duluth w/ luis to his apartment and we hung out there for part of the day. it was nice to get away from all the pc drama and just go play in the creek by his house. haha. it's amazing how reverting back to your childhood makes life seem so much simpler. my rents came up today and celebrated with me too. for some reason my dad bought me these bracelets that look like the cancer bracelets but they say baller, player, and respect. and he didn't believe me that baller wasn't about playing basketball. haha. i can't wait until next weekend when i'll be w/ all my marietta friends. can't wait to see all you guys.
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