March 3rd, 2005


i'm happy and that's about all there is to it. tonight i went to last call w/ jessie, paul, elizabeth, sarah, naomi and of course ME. hehe we had sooooooooooooo much fun. i think it was seriously one of my best nights here in athens. paul asked me and naomi to have a threesome w/ him. interesting. haha. and of course i had fun with all my HOTTTTTT girls. all these guys were watching us dance. i guess i gave them a little show. what can i say? well i better get to sleep cause someone(coughs luis) likes to wake me up early in the morning. psh. hehe night night.
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fun times

maybe you had to be there, but this was the funniest thing to us. yesterday me, luis, naomi, and elizabeth went to snelling for dinner. we were talking about how ppl always say, "do you want a cookie" when someone does something they're proud of. naomi enlightened us by telling us that cookie was another term for the female genitalia. so the conversation went as follows:

me: "I didn't know that."
naomi: "That's what it is."
elizabeth: "No it's not."
luis: "Wait what's a cookie?"

after us laughing our asses off ten minutes have passed.
luis: "No guys seriously what's a cookie?"

ten more minutes later when luis finally knew what it was, he walks up to me with a cookie in his hand.
luis: "Laura do you want a cookie?"
me: "No I don't like macadamia nuts." (and no i did not even make the connection to the convo ten minutes ago.)
in conclusion, our friends are smart.
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