March 24th, 2005

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so today i officially woke up early. and on a friday. no this was not my personal decision. i had to go to a psy experiment. i've made a decision to take off drinking for a few weeks. i just feel like i'm becoming too dependent on it for my happiness. and i don't want to be like that. who needs drinking when you can spend the whole night watching horror movies that are not scary and taking naps and eating unhealthy fast food. if any of you are planning to watch the grudge or they, i would not suggest it unless you want to laugh. the only time i was slightly scared was when someone(not naming any names here) kept trying to jump and nudge me to freak me out. sometimes i have more fun just hanging out w/ my friends than going downtown and spending all that time getting ready only to stay a few hours and waste my money on alcohol. tonight is the collective soul concert. one of my most favorite bands. and then tom it's back to marietta to be w/ my two girls. i need it.....bad.
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