March 30th, 2005

make my day

fill it out, biatch
1) How long have you known me?

2) When and where did we meet?

3) What were the first words I said to you, and you said to me?

4) Did I make a good first impression?

5) What was the first thing you heard about me from other people?

6) What, if any, songs remind you of me?

7) Would you consider me a friend?

8) Have you ever had a crush on me? (You can skip this one if you want. I can generally fill in the answer: No)

9) How old do I act?

10) What's my best feature? Physical or otherwise.

11) I didn't like the original question here... so make up a question and answer it!

12) Have you ever wanted me to shut up and leave you alone?

13) Were we ever enemies?

14) Where do you see me 10 years from now?

15) Will you post this on your livejournal so I can answer yours? If no, why?