March 31st, 2005

the week in summary

overall, not a bad week. spent a lot of time hanging out w/ my friends and avoid homework as i usually do. had about the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders ever. spent one night talking to ruma, luis, and tariq(sp) until two in the morning. we laughed about the kids at alps elementary and those shitty easter egg candies that are made are pure sugar. my parents always tried to give us a lot of those on easter and it was a huge letdown. did anyone elses parents ruin their easters(and their lives) by giving out that nasty shit? me and ruma also laughed about those chemistry videos where the kid watches the other kid shower. lol that still makes me laugh. went and worked out for a few hours. it felt soooo nice. then after that we went dancing. i love the feeling of being surrounded by tons of strangers as you just move w/ them in the music. you can forget everything, your problems and your inhibitions, and just do whatever feels right. it's great exercise and a good stress relief. well i need sleep but i'm going to end this w/ a joke ruma was telling me that i misunderstood. she was talking about how some teacher at her christian school got mad at parents when they blamed mcdonalds for getting their kid fat. he said, "after all, if they want to go outside they can just go roll down a hill." i laughed until i almost peed in my pants. ruma forgot to mention that they were talking about how fat kids don't go outside as much, but it was still funny either way. goodnight to all
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