April 4th, 2005


this made me smile. tucker and i were talking about those oatmeal cream pies and whether they were made w/ cookies or miniature oatmeal pies:

corduroyiscomfy: but why are they called pies then instead of oatmeal cream cookies
lauraangel926: i dunno they look like cookies to me
lauraangel926: who eats oatmeal pie
corduroyiscomfy: me
corduroyiscomfy: with cream in it
lauraangel926: but they're not really pies
lauraangel926: i don't think there really are real oatmeal pies
corduroyiscomfy: sure there are
corduroyiscomfy: well i searched oatmeal pie and this is what i found:1. oatmeal pie
another word for a women's vagina
I ate some oatmeal pie last night
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