April 7th, 2005

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this week has been such a mixture of different emotions. as soon as i figured out about patrick, i was overcome by a sudden wave of shock. i don't think it fully hit me until today, he is gone forever. he was a wonderful guy, full of life and compassion for people around him. i only wish i could have known him better, talked to him a few more times. he never failed to make people laugh or liven up a room in a second with his contagious smile. i can't even imagine what his family and closest friends are going through right now. it really puts life into perspective. it makes you realize just how precious every single moment is, and makes all the trivial daily problems of college life seem like nothing at all. tucker and i were talking tonight about how it just makes you want to see all the ppl you love and tell them how much you love them, b/c whose to say when all of our times will come. we all see ourselves as invincible until a tragedy like this strikes. it makes me realize that we get one chance, so we should never look back and have regrets. make sure to always tell your family and loved ones just how much they mean to you, never hold your feelings in. patrick lived his life to the fullest, he was an ideal role model. he achieved more in his short time than some ppl achieve in a lifetime. i think this quote sums it up pretty well: "The worst thing about death is the fact that when a man is dead it's impossible any longer to undo the harm you have done him, or to do the good you haven't done him. They say: live in such a way as to be always ready to die. I would say: live in such a way that anyone can die, without you having anything to regret"

you are all in my thoughts are prayers. love to all
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