May 1st, 2005

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just been in a great mood this weekend. i'm so sad that i won't get to see all my uga buds as much this summer but so glad i made it through my freshman year alive. lol. went downtown dancing thursday. lots to celebrate this weekend!!! then saturday me and ruma and luis got drunk and sat around and shared lots of personal info and did nothing really. last night was paul's end of year party. it was beyond awesome. we took shots w/ jessies dad b/f we left. it was hilarious. got papa johns and ate it three days in a row. i've just been laughing and having a great time all weekend. tom my dads coming to move stuff out. our room looks so sad. i'm going to be sad to leave in a way. but i'm soooooooo excited about the apartment next year. night to all.
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