May 9th, 2005

the last day of freshman year

wow i can't believe i made it through my freshman year alive. it seems like just yesterday i was moving in trying to figure out how i would get through this year. today i say goodbye to good old creswell with the nasty showers, fire alarms, drunk people peeing on futons, and metal furniture. i think in a weird way i'm sad to say goodbye. this year has been such a turning point in my life. i've learned a lot about life, a lot about myself, and i think i've changed a lot in the process. some of the things i've realized are good, some bad. i'm definately more jaded, less optimistic about the world in general but maybe that's a good thing. part of life is realizing that everythings not perfect, some people are assholes, and then learning to deal with these things. i've learned just how amazing my friends are, new and old. without them, i wouldn't have gotten through half the shit that's happened this year. i would say i'm sad that i'm leaving them but we're all going to be living together or in close proximity next year. and this summer i will get a chance to be w/ the three best girls in the world and party our little nineteen year old hearts out. a summer full of the beach, jello shots, clubbing, late night movies, board games, no school, no worries, cruising barret in stephanie's new car, and maybe lots of puppies. so i guess i have to conclude this corny entry. here's to the end of a year i never could have predicted in a million years and hopefully the beginning to an even better one.
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