May 30th, 2005

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so life is summerish. everythings been pretty much getting into a routinue. work, sleep, and hanging out with friends. nothing even slightly productive. i love my job. i'm working at primose daycare near sprayberry. by far the most exhausting and hard job i've ever had(when i get home i nearly collapse) but i know my jobaningful and i enjoy it. i love working with kids no matter how hard preschoolers can be. friends have been good. i got drunk the other night and took a shot that was lit of fire (called the cucharacha or however you spell it.) we played pool til six in the morning and cameron let me use the bridge for like every shot and it pissed luis off(not really but he pretended). lol. oh well it was my first time playing. i was kinda depressed for awhile but i talked to all my friends and luis and cameron got me teddy grahams so that made it a little better. a lot has been on my mind i guess. got something kinda tough on my mind recently on top of everything else. just haven't felt exactly like myself. sorry if i've been different guys. i miss all my uga friends a lot. oh on the bright side my bowling is improving. i got two strikes the other night almost in a row. :)
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