June 7th, 2005

this is kinda disgusting....be warned

okay so i get home from a long day of work yesterday and my parents tell me the plumbing is not working right. and i'm just thinking it's some little problem but apparently every time we go to the bathroom, use the shower, or use the sinks its going into the yard. lol so if that isn't disgusting enough there has been this puddle in our drive way for about a week now right by where i park and i always thought it was mud b/c of all the rain but apparently it was shitty water and piss the whole time. it's sooooooo gross. i had walked through it in flip flops. so heres the best part. my mom and dad called a plumber and to test out and see what it was he stuck his finger in it and sniffed it and told us it wasn't sewage b/c it smelled fine. i laughed my ass off when she told me that. hope you all enjoy it as much as i did.
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