August 5th, 2005

vacation and whatnot

just got back from gatlinburg. we did a lot of really fun stuff. went to ober gatlinburg(this amusement type place where a lot of russian people work) where we watched sweeley almost seriously injure himself on a ride called the alpine slide and rode up to the top of a mountain where there were "bears" but the stupid idiots lied to us. there were not bears. then we went tubing which was fun and saw these weird cult ppl who said the god of sheeba would help them decide which way to go on the river. lol wtf. we did hillbilly golf too which was very entertaining. stephanie is apparently a professional mini golfer. coury pissed one of the rednecks off by sitting on a tractor and he ran down the mountain to yell at him. lol. and also went to the ripleys believe it or not museum that had a lot of cool stuff. alex and joy also bought weapons to destroy each other. we all know joy will win....i mean umm. and of course the best part of our stay was the family inn and suites of america, which despite outward appearances turned out to be very nice on the inside.

i really enjoyed going on vacation with everyone. i've really been realizing the true value of friendship and how no one should ever take it for granted. it's been a hard few weeks and the vacation did me good. thanks for being there for me guys, even though i might seem a little distant or weird lately. i miss martin every second of every day, and it's all i can to do get by. as dumb and cliche as it sounds, it would be a lot harder to get out of bed in the morning if it wasn't for all of you. i love you all and i want you to always know that b/c i didn't tell martin enough and i'm not making that mistake again.
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