September 15th, 2005

why the fuck am i still up at five in the morning?

sometimes i think that i should just stop sleeping since i get so little of it already. tonight was a fun and chilled night. hanging out with friends and just being silly. why don't we have more guys in our group?!?!?!?!?! AHHHHHH!!!!! sometimes i feel like we are more manly than the boys we are friends with. lol and i would/have said this to their face many times. nicole, naomi, and i have decided we spend more time thinking about hooking up than damn guys. it's been a pretty fun year so far despite a few low points, but hey there are always those along the way. i've gotten my stressful week out of the way and there is a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks. this weekend theres the game sat and various exciting parties saturday night. next weekend is the jump concert and possilbe visitors from home(aka coury/stephanie and alex/joy have no choice but to come if they want to continue a frienship with me).
and then the next weekend i think i'm finally going home. i can't wait to see everyone!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so excited about stephanie's new apartment. and i can't wait to see my mom. she's such a strong woman and has been through so much in the past week. as i've gotten older and matured i've realized how truly amazing my family really is. :) i'm in a great mood right now even though i should be IN BED!!!! i can't wait until fall break. me and jamie were talking about planning a weekend trip and everyones invited. that would be a great escape. i'm so excited. some other great news is that a club i'm in at UGA called Lions Club decided to try to raise money for Katrina at tate center, which basically constited of me, mandi, and some of the other girls annoying ppl with our yelling and hitting on a lot of guys. as sweeley said: "for every one girl that donated you got twenty more guys." but the awesome news is that in one day we raised over five hundred dollars. that made my week pretty amazing. well night b/c no ones up anyways.
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