January 1st, 2006

the new year and all that

well i don't usually update this thing cause i don't feel like my life is that interesting but hmmm new years reflections. i had an awesome new years eve last night, probably the best ever. went to a party in athens with all my friends, and everyone had soooo much fun. we've got the pics to prove it. and of course got to kiss my favorite guy at midnight. couldn't have been better. 2005 was a really tough year i guess. so much stuff happened, a lot of it good but some bad too. i know it's typical to say i learned a lot about myself but i really think i did. i was presented with some pretty tough shit, and i may not have handled it perfectly but just getting through it counts for something. i think martin's death was the hardest thing i've had to deal with.....well maybe ever. i think about him still all the time, but i'm thankful that i even got to spend the short amount of time that i did with him. i know that it brought me closer to a lot of people, made me realize how truly valuable my friends really are. if there were a few more people like him in the world, it would be a much better place. but even though there was lots of bad this year, there was tons of good. my amazing friends that always stand by me, even when i'm a total bitch. and i know i am sometimes. this year i also met travis. i'll be the first to admit that our relationship isn't perfect, but what relationship is. the important thing is no matter how dumb it sounds he makes me happy. he's there for me when i know i don't deserve it because he sees me at my worst. so theres my oveall thoughts on the year 2005, and hopefully 2006 will be even better.
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