January 22nd, 2006

to travis

i haven't updated much recently. honestly i don't really have much to say. but this is what i need to say now. i'm sorry that i haven't been the best girlfriend lately. and i know you hate it when i say i'm sorry but i'm going to do it anyways. so here is a list, shortened of course, of the reasons i like you:

_you always sing at the top of your lungs even when i tell you that you sound horrible
-you offered to drive to the store to buy me potatoes so you can make me garlic potatoes
-on our first date, you picked doc cheys so i could eat vegetarian foods
-you got me my mushroom
-you liked me so much that you thought of me when you were watching garden state
-my apple, enough said
-you listen to my "moans" in the mornings and rub my head when i hit it against the wall
-you always save the oatmeal cream pies for me
-you hold my hand even when we're with your friends
-you tell me i'm beautiful when i wake up in the morning and look horrible
-you watch me when i sleep
-you come and read my livejournal to make sure i'm happy
-you take me to the pizza hut in target, just kidding
-you told the people at chiles it was mandis birthday just to make us all laugh
-you tolerate me when i'm jealous, bitchy, depressing, moody, and just about all the time
-you watch dawson's creek with me, and i know you'll kill me for admitting that
-you didn't laugh at me when i cried when i read harry potter
-you always make me smile, even when i'm trying hard not to
-you saved that note i wrote you and put it by your mirror
-you always let me have the green pillows because you know i like them more
-you bug me until i tell you what's wrong
-you always talk to my grandma, even when she rambles for hours about nothing
-you found a necklace just like the one i lost and bought it for me for chirstmas
-we bought each other the same gift
-you never stop trying to make me happy, even when i make it hard.
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