March 20th, 2006

my life?

so spring break was freaking awesome. we had some great times at daytona....and all got a little bit closer i believe. i beat travis at mini golf. i mean that was pretty much the highlight of our crazy spring break trip. the beach was gorgeous and we got in the ocean every day. there were lots of sting rays though and that freaked me out. i think my boyfriend is dating luis now. just look at the facebook pictures. it's creepy. now we're all sick as dogs though. i've been feeling like SHIT all day but that's okay. the health center was completely pointless. he told me i'll feel better by the end of the week and i was like you idiot give me something to feel better now. oh well!

and just for ms. hines b/c she specifically said she hates people who celebrate monthly anniversaries, i would like to wish my travis a belated happy five months. lol who got you now stephanie?