elizabeth discussing the fate of an evil bitch

me: "I could just kill her for you."
elizabeth: "According to my sociology teacher I'm in my peak years to murder someone."

yaya so everyone go out and kill today b/c tom it might be too late. you only live once and not from long if liz has anything to do with it.
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just been in a great mood this weekend. i'm so sad that i won't get to see all my uga buds as much this summer but so glad i made it through my freshman year alive. lol. went downtown dancing thursday. lots to celebrate this weekend!!! then saturday me and ruma and luis got drunk and sat around and shared lots of personal info and did nothing really. last night was paul's end of year party. it was beyond awesome. we took shots w/ jessies dad b/f we left. it was hilarious. got papa johns and ate it three days in a row. i've just been laughing and having a great time all weekend. tom my dads coming to move stuff out. our room looks so sad. i'm going to be sad to leave in a way. but i'm soooooooo excited about the apartment next year. night to all.
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my mom sent me the latest backstreet boys video on aim. sad life i live. this week is going to be kinda stressful. i don't think i have it nearly as bad as most ppl but i still have a lot of work crammed in at once on top of moving out considering i'm going to be gone for all of next week. i hate having all my finals on the last day. psh no fun. this weekend was so great. i really needed it after all the stupid shit that's been going on lately. lots of fun friday night just staying in to celebrate taariq's bday with him and our friends. then saturday it was downtown to go dancing, always a fave. we spent all day watching movies and being unproductive. then sunday it was the fancy shmancy dinner party. everyone looked AMAZING. i felt like it was prom all over again. it was a good way for all of us to get together and celebrate the end of the year. webshots to be posted soon. i've started to do pc pics even though most of my best ones aren't on the computer. just in case you're interested: http://community.webshots.com/user/lauraangel926
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this week has been such a mixture of different emotions. as soon as i figured out about patrick, i was overcome by a sudden wave of shock. i don't think it fully hit me until today, he is gone forever. he was a wonderful guy, full of life and compassion for people around him. i only wish i could have known him better, talked to him a few more times. he never failed to make people laugh or liven up a room in a second with his contagious smile. i can't even imagine what his family and closest friends are going through right now. it really puts life into perspective. it makes you realize just how precious every single moment is, and makes all the trivial daily problems of college life seem like nothing at all. tucker and i were talking tonight about how it just makes you want to see all the ppl you love and tell them how much you love them, b/c whose to say when all of our times will come. we all see ourselves as invincible until a tragedy like this strikes. it makes me realize that we get one chance, so we should never look back and have regrets. make sure to always tell your family and loved ones just how much they mean to you, never hold your feelings in. patrick lived his life to the fullest, he was an ideal role model. he achieved more in his short time than some ppl achieve in a lifetime. i think this quote sums it up pretty well: "The worst thing about death is the fact that when a man is dead it's impossible any longer to undo the harm you have done him, or to do the good you haven't done him. They say: live in such a way as to be always ready to die. I would say: live in such a way that anyone can die, without you having anything to regret"

you are all in my thoughts are prayers. love to all
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i'm in a state of shock. i don't even know what to say. patrick frensley died. i can't even think about this. it seems completely unreal. i don't even know what to say.
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this made me smile. tucker and i were talking about those oatmeal cream pies and whether they were made w/ cookies or miniature oatmeal pies:

corduroyiscomfy: but why are they called pies then instead of oatmeal cream cookies
lauraangel926: i dunno they look like cookies to me
lauraangel926: who eats oatmeal pie
corduroyiscomfy: me
corduroyiscomfy: with cream in it
lauraangel926: but they're not really pies
lauraangel926: i don't think there really are real oatmeal pies
corduroyiscomfy: sure there are
corduroyiscomfy: well i searched oatmeal pie and this is what i found:1. oatmeal pie
another word for a women's vagina
I ate some oatmeal pie last night
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what a funny night. went to annex for a girls night with jamie, nicole, ruma, megumi, and kim. it was hilarious how many guys hit on us. seriously they're like dogs. this one guy wouldn't leave us alone. i said i was a lesbian and he said, "i can do whatever your girlfriend does for you." EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. it was so disgusting. and they kept asking, "am i that bad looking" then they played the helicopter song where you get a free tshirt if you get up on a guy's shoulder and take your shirt off and twist it around like a helicopter. this guy i was dancing w/ lifted me up and i was like hell why not, so i was the first to take my shirt off. he pulled my bra down a little so a ton of ppl i don't know saw my boob.(only one, the other is still safe from harm.) oh well that's life. totally wasn't drunk at all. but it was a fun night. last night we all went to see sin city. i thought it was a really good movie, but some of the other ppl didn't like it. there are a few parts where penises are ripped off and shot off. so if you're in a guy hating mood, go watch it. night to all i need sleep.
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the week in summary

overall, not a bad week. spent a lot of time hanging out w/ my friends and avoid homework as i usually do. had about the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders ever. spent one night talking to ruma, luis, and tariq(sp) until two in the morning. we laughed about the kids at alps elementary and those shitty easter egg candies that are made are pure sugar. my parents always tried to give us a lot of those on easter and it was a huge letdown. did anyone elses parents ruin their easters(and their lives) by giving out that nasty shit? me and ruma also laughed about those chemistry videos where the kid watches the other kid shower. lol that still makes me laugh. went and worked out for a few hours. it felt soooo nice. then after that we went dancing. i love the feeling of being surrounded by tons of strangers as you just move w/ them in the music. you can forget everything, your problems and your inhibitions, and just do whatever feels right. it's great exercise and a good stress relief. well i need sleep but i'm going to end this w/ a joke ruma was telling me that i misunderstood. she was talking about how some teacher at her christian school got mad at parents when they blamed mcdonalds for getting their kid fat. he said, "after all, if they want to go outside they can just go roll down a hill." i laughed until i almost peed in my pants. ruma forgot to mention that they were talking about how fat kids don't go outside as much, but it was still funny either way. goodnight to all
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make my day

fill it out, biatch
1) How long have you known me?

2) When and where did we meet?

3) What were the first words I said to you, and you said to me?

4) Did I make a good first impression?

5) What was the first thing you heard about me from other people?

6) What, if any, songs remind you of me?

7) Would you consider me a friend?

8) Have you ever had a crush on me? (You can skip this one if you want. I can generally fill in the answer: No)

9) How old do I act?

10) What's my best feature? Physical or otherwise.

11) I didn't like the original question here... so make up a question and answer it!

12) Have you ever wanted me to shut up and leave you alone?

13) Were we ever enemies?

14) Where do you see me 10 years from now?

15) Will you post this on your livejournal so I can answer yours? If no, why?